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    CX3 Configuration Project error message



      I am trying to use the eclipse CX3 configuration tool to add a new camera sensor but I am running into various troubles.


      I have just installed the FX3 SDK FX3_SDK_Windows_v1.3.3.exe, and applied the cx3_conf_plugin_update.zip (unfortunately this thing does not seem to have a version number).


      The (outdated it seems, but there does not seem anything up to date) resources i am using are:


      - The help found under:


       Help >  Help  Contents  >  Cypress  EZ-USB  Guides  >  EZ-USB  Suite  Guide  >  CX3  Configuration Utility


      - The AN :AN90369_How_to_Interface_a_MIPI_CSI-2_Image_Sensor_With_EZ-USB_CX3.pdf, section 5.5  Configuring the MIPI CSI-2 Controller


      For this test I have filled the "Image Sensor Configuration" tab with values corresponding to the "AN90369_How_to_Interface_a_MIPI_CSI-2_Image_Sensor_With_EZ-USB_CX3.pdf" document (except i added image support but that does not make a difference).


      Now if I go to the CX3 Receiver Configuration tab I am greeted by a 'Multiple problems have occurred message" box with message: For input string: ",00". An error has occurred. See error log for more details. (cfr screenshot in attachment)


      - Where is this error log located ?


      - Where does he get his input strings from, ",00" . I was expecting  the cx3config.cycx file. but there is no ,00 in that file


      - Maybe problem arises from , vs . for decimal separators (I am in Europe). Any workarounds ?


      (I have more problems afterwards if I continue but since they might be a result of this one I restarted from clean workspace, imported the demo projects and will focus on the first problem before moving to the next)