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    GPIF Designer bug UART in gpif2model.xml

      In GPIF II Designer 1.0.1198.2


      with just UART selected under "FX3 peripherals used", the file projectfiles/gpif2model.xml






      I.e. the string that should be UARTEnabled is actually "I2SEnabled".


      Changing it by hand does not get UART checked on startup and since it gets written this way it looks like Designer is not taking UART into account, and also setting incorrect I2S info. With I2S selected and UART not, I2S is configured True and then False.


      So my questions are:


      1) is 1.0.1198.2 the latest version of GPIF II Designer?


      if the answer to 1 is yes, then:


      2) is the only effect going to be GPIO usage (that can be checked, and repaired by hand)?


      In forum search, "GPIF UARTEnabled bug" showed nothing... I've googled high and low, surprised this isn't an issue so maybe it's not.



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          1) Yes, this is the latest.


          2) You do not need to edit anything.  Please set your configurations in the GPIF state machine, and then in the FX3 firmware-(in the main function, you will need to set the IO matrix as per your requirements. You will need to set the I2S, and disable the UART). The GPIF setting is for pin availability/mapping, the actual declaration you have to do in the IO matrix configuration in FX3 firmware.


          >> Please check and update if you see any problem. Thanks for bringing this up