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    CharLCD_I2C interface for PSoc3, 4 and 5LP using 2 i/o pins with the PCF8574AT-HD44780 Combo designed for Arduino


      In summary;


      The CharLCD_I2C Component  has been tested with PSoC3, PSoC and PSoC5LP successfully using 2x16 and 4x20 LCD displays. The CharLCD_I2C component sends data over in 4 bit packets which allows it to work with the readily available, very inexpensive PCF8574AT (I2C Serial to Parallel Converter) connected to the Parallel Inputs of the HD44780 LCD module ($3-$4) requiring only 2 I/O pins and a 4 wire connector for a stand alone display. The I2C LCD component provided by Cypress sends data over in 8 bit packets and requires a much less available, more expensive Serial Input LCD Module ($20-$25) that requires 2-4 resistors, 2-3 i/o pins and a 5-6 wire connector for a stand alone display. The Char LCDmp component will work with  only the HD44780 LCD module ($2) but requires 6 i/o pins and an 8 wire connector for a stand alone display.


      The Zipped_Files include the CharLCD_I2C component, Datasheet, and Example projects (CY8CKIT-059, CY8CKIT-042).


      Please read the Datasheet carefully to avoid building and compiling errors.


      Respectfully, Mike