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    Cannot upgrade firmware on CY8CKIT-042-BLE Kit



      In PSoC Creator, I received the message that I needed to upgrade the firmware on the kit.  So, I went to the PSoC Programmer and attempted to upgrade the firmware, but it failed.  How can I get the kit back to factory settings?


      Here's what I do, from scratch (no programs open, kit disconnected):

      • Open PSoC Programmer (Version, output shown:

                                                         | Select Port in the PortList, then try to connect
      Device set to CY8C4127FNI-BL483 at 8:47:13 AM      | 131072  FLASH bytes
      Device Family set to CY8C4xxx-BLE at 8:47:12 AM    | 
      Active HEX file set at 8:47:12 AM                  | C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\CY8CKIT-042-BLE Kit\1.0\Firmware\Programmer\KitProg\KitProg.cyacd
                                                         | Users must be aware that the following PSoC device should not be powered or programmed at 5V. Doing so will cause damage to the device: CYRF89xxx
      Session Started at 8:47:12 AM                      | PPCOM Version 22.0

      • I then connect the CY8CKIT-042-BLE PIONEER BASEBOARD.  LED2 (status) starts solid, but quickly goes to 4Hz flash.  PSoC Programmer output window displays (in red):

      Connected at 8:48:24 AM                            | KitProg bootloader device is detected
                                                         | Please close all ports, then navigate to the Utilities tab and click the Upgrade Firmware button to recover Bridge



      • On the Utilities tab, the Upgrade Firmware is now clickable.  No ports are listed in the Port Section window.  I click Upgrade Firmware and get:

      Firmware Update Finished at 8:52:42 AM             | 
                                                         | FAILED! Bootloader Port is not connected!
                                                         | Initializing...
      Firmware Upgrade Started at 8:52:42 AM             | 
      Firmware Upgrade Requested at 8:52:42 AM           | 


      What am I doing wrong?  User's Guide says flashing LED indicates "LED starts blinking at power up, if bootloadable file is corrupt."  Clearly the device is connecting, but I can't get it out of the corrupted state.


      Any ideas?


      Other info:

      • I'm using the kit version install from:  CY8CKIT042BLEKITSetupOnlyPackage_RevSE_3-25-16.exe
      • I'm running on Windows 8.1 on VMWare on an MAC
      • Pioneer baseboard silkscreen version: 600-60194-01 REV03
      • Pioneer baseboard sticker version: 121-60158-01 rev 06