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    FX3 USB3V test - Remote Wakeup Test & Selective Suspend




      I have a test by USB3CV tool, and got a following report(fail);


      TD 9.12 - Remote Wakeup Test (Configuration Index 0) - Enabled:

      INFO Start time: Tue Jan 24 09:36:50 2017
      INFO Suspended the parent port of the device
      ERROR The timer for 15000 ms expired. Did not receive a wakeup event


      FAIL (1.2.106) A device with remote wakeup enabled must be able to initiate a remote wakeup on it's suspended parent port.
      INFO A failure to generate Remote Wake may be waived if the Device Under Test meets these requirements: * Device requires the client driver to be loaded to generate the wake event. * Device demonstrates remote wake from S3 during Interoperabilty testing.


      INFO Stop time: Tue Jan 24 09:36:54 2017
      INFO Duration: 4 seconds.
      INFO Stopping Test [ TD 9.12 - Remote Wakeup Test (Configuration Index 0) - Enabled:: Number of: Fails (1); Aborts (0); Warnings (0) ]


      The host send suspend command while the device has no response for a while.


      If the host send a resume command, the device will wake-up. Therefore, we don't need the remote wake-up function.


      But once we disable the remote wake-up attribute in the configuration descriptor, then the device never enter into suspend mode. How to fix the problem?


      Thanks for your help.