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    In what file can I find peripheral.name?


      My application uses both peripheral.name and local name.   In my application the device's local name can be changed by the user over the air.  But I want a unique permanent peripheral.name assigned to each device at the time of my programing it.  My problem is that I cannot reliable program each device's periperal.name with a unique value through the GAP Settings>General>Device name dialog box.  The same peripheral.name keeps showing up over and over again on every new device I try to program, no matter what new value I put in the dialog box.


      I have not been able to locate peripheral.name in any of the BLE component files either.  Can I hard code a peripheral.name at the time of programming each new device? How?


      Would completely wiping the flash of each device prior to programing make the GAP Settings>General>Device name dialog box reliably assign a new peripheral.name to each device?  If so, how do you wipe the flash?