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    Feature Request: Pre-build step




      I'm enjoying the new features of PSoC Creator 4.0, but I would happily give them all up for something which would be so useful to our company: A pre-build step in the build process.


      Background: We use SVN as a version control system. A nice feature we have in our firmware is that it's possible to ask it which SVN version of the code it has programmed into it. To achieve this, we have a Python script which you can run, which checks the SVN version of the code on disk, and generates a .H file with that number in it. When the code is compiled, that number is included in the code.


      Ideally, that script would be automatically run every time the code is built, so that it's impossible to forget, and we can guarantee that the correct version number is compiled into the code.


      Back when we used to use PIC microcontrollers, MPLAB had the option to add a pre-build step, and we'd put the python script into that. And so we could be sure that every MCU knew what version of the code it contained.


      Problem: PSoC Creator doesn't have a pre-build step, so our engineers have to remember to run the script before each build. As you can imagine, it's possible for them to forget, and so we can never be 100% sure which firmware each MCU contains. 


      Request: Please, please add a pre-build step option into PSoC creator. It's such a small feature. It's also useful for a range of other things, like running code generators (e.g. Flex and Byson).


      Many thanks - Hugo