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    Not able to read device id using device id command in S25FS256S




      I was successfully executing the device-id command(0x9F) but after executing the WRAR command on some registers, I am not able to read even basic device-id command. In this case Executing the device-id command is  returning 0xFFFFFFFF.


      Reading the SR1 and CR1 registers before executing the device-id command is giving 0x0 and after the device-id command both the registers are giving 0xFF.


      My command sequence are-


      device-id read = 0x1C04049F and then STOP command


      WRAR command is = 0x08180471


                                      - 0x00002001.




      Kindly help me out, device-id was working initially but not working now.


      Thank You,