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    OTA file upload issue




      Im implementing OTA update on my device and I have big problems with uploading file through www page.


      My device is working on ThreadX and NetX_Duo. Im using http server from waf/ota_upgrade application


      with small modification. During one read form socket I can receive 1460 bytes maximum. For such amount of data


      I need about 60ms to process it. I have big problems with receiving complete file. In most of tries I receive only part of file,


      timeout occurs while reading from socket. I increased timeout value and thread priority to 4 but problem still exists. I dont know if the problem is network stack or


      web browser that stops sending file in the middle. The biggest problems are with Mozilla browser. Maybe the problem is 60ms timeout.


      File is uploaded using POST method exactly the same as it is done in example app.


      Did anyone encounter such problems?