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    Bootloader on the device is not running. I am trying to upload the file (USBVideoBridge_bulk)

      I am using the Lattice USB3 video bridge development kit (Win10)


      1. When I opened the USB 3.0 video configurator by mistake I added the CybootProgrammer (Disc image File) instead of the


      2. Since then, when I tried to load the default file (USBVideoBridge_bulk) it shows me "Bootloader on the device is not
      running" I tried to reset the Cypress IC by the FX3 JTAG pins (GND wiht CONN2_RST_N) and it did not work.
      I would like to know, how to fix this issue(If there is a way to put it in factory default settings) and be able to upload the
      starting files.