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    No AesDecrypt method


      Hello guys,




      I want to manually encrypt and decrypt my data using AES-128. I took a look at the documentation and I found the following method:


      CYBLE_API_RESULT_T CyBle_AesEncrypt (uint8 * plainData, uint8 * aesKey, uint8 * encryptedData)


      The problem is that I can't find the CyBle_AesDecrypt method or similar, to decrypt the data I receive. Is there a method like this?




      NOTE: I know about the CyBle_AesCcmEncrypt and CyBle_AesCcmDecrypt methods, but I did not want to use them because I do not want to have to transmit the NONCE and the MIC in every message. If there is any safe way of using these functions without having to transmit the NONCE and the MIC in every message it would be a good solution as well.