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    How to properly setup Cmod and Csh when using CYBLE-014008-EVAL module for CapSense application

      I have setup a project based on the CE210291_CapSense_One_Button example code using a CY8CKIT-042-BLE pioneer kit and a CYBLE-014008-EVAL module. The configuration I need to test requires to enable a shield pin in addition to the Button pin (i.e. sensor), so I have enabled the shield tank (Csh) capacitor in CapSense->CSD_Settings (CapSense_P4_v3_10 component). Now, in the Desig_Wide_Resources->Pins window I am required to setup the modulator capacitor “CapSense:Cmod” and the shield-tank capacitor “CapSense:Csh”. I have consulted the CYBLE-014008-00 datasheet and I understand the module includes a Cmod = 2.2nF (located at port P4_0) and Ctank=10nF (located at port P4_1) , so I have assigned P4_0 port to “CapSense:Cmod” and P4_1 to “CapSense:Csh”. At this point, in the Pin tab window, under the Pin_name section I get a warning icon “Invalid pin assignment P4[0]. This pin does not support ANALOG.” for CapSense:Cmod and another warning icon “Invalid pin assignment P4[1]. This pin does not support ANALOG.” for CapSense:Csh; furthermore, port P4_0 gets assigned Pin 33 and port P4_1 gets assigned pin 34, however the CYBLE-014008-EVAL module only has 32 pins. Any comments on what is the proper way to setup this configuration for the CYBLE-014008-EVAL module?