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    PSoC Creator 4.0 Slow, Crashing

      Evening, everyone -


      Been working on a PSoC5LP design lately, and ended up 'upgrading' the PC from Windows 10 to Windows 7 Professional when numerous pieces of important software failed to function, and the UI finally got to me.


      I was previously running PSoC Creator 3.3, but have downloaded 4.0 and got it installed successfully.  On opening, the program is extremely unresponsive - it takes roughly twenty seconds to open the current workspace, and moving/clicking anything in the schematic view causes it to become unresponsive for about three to five seconds before continuing.  This applies to everything in the program - the menu bar, sidebars, etc.


      The program is installed to a local hard drive array (D:); no non-ascii characters or network jumps in the install path.  Files are saved to the boot drive (C:) in a desktop folder.  Running on a 24-thread Xeon with 64GB of memory, so I can't blame system resources.  No processes or services appear to be interfering with anything.


      Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot something like this?  I've reinstalled once with no change.


      Much appreciated!

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          Please check the .NET version in your system,


          PSoc Creator4.0 needs .NET minimum version as 4.0


          You can use the Microsoft .net recovery tool and reset the .net versions installed. 

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            Sorry for the wait - just got back in town.


            The .NET framework through 4.6 was installed and updated, or so I thought - nothing indicated any problems with the install.  I've uninstalled Microsoft Visual Studio, though, and completely wiped and reinstalled .NET and it seems to have cleared up my problems in the PSoC Creator.


            Thanks for the advice - I'm not sure what happened, but I'd have never suspected this to be causing problems.