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    Powering the psoc with a phone charger.


      Good night to everyone.


      I don't know if this is an appropriate place to ask this, I'm sorry if it is not. Well, I'm working with the psoc 5LP which is awesome and my whole project is already working. During development I've been powering the psoc using the usb port of my computer and now I need to power it using something else because it is going to be inside a box and I don't want to buy a power supply and use the vdd pin and take the D1 diode as the manual says. So my question is, can I just plug in the board directly to a phone charger usb port to power the psoc? The output of the charger is 5V.  If my question was not very clear please let me knwo and i will try to explain better because english is not my first language. 


      Thanks in advance.