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    HelloClient.cpp (SDK1.0.0 and 1.0.1) references wrong path to btwleapis.h fle

      What is HelloClient.exe?  How do I compile it?



      WICED-Smart customers experimenting with the Broadcom WICED-Smart evaluation board (BCM920732TAG_Q32) will want to see the SDK in action (e.g. compile, launch, test an application).  



      A good vehicle to verify proper SDK installation and hardware functionality is shown in the Wiced-Smart Quick Start Guide -- Found in SDK folder ~Doc/WICED-Smart-QSG as a .pdf file.  Those directions reference the Helloclient.exe demo application found within the ~WICED-Smart-SDK/Apps/RAM/hello_sensor/HelloClient folder.



      The 32-bit and 64-bit versions of HelloClient.exe for Windows come pre-compiled with the SDK installation, but if you want to modify it for yourself:



      1.       Run Visual Studio 2012 or equivalent. Open project WICED-Smart-SDKAppsRAMhello_sensorHelloClientWindowsHelloClient.vcxproj


      2.       In the file HelloClient.cpp, replace the line #include "C:BTW6.5.1Windowsinclude twleapis.h" by the line #include "btwleapis.h"


      3.       Create