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    connecting multiple sensors on I2C

      Hello everyone: I am working on a project in which I want to use two accelerometers on a PSOC4 BLE. I worked with an example where an I2C is connected a single accelerometer. I want to add another accelerometer. Could anyone point to me a PSOC example that could help me understand how to connect multiple sensors on an I2C. I read about I2C bus and about master/slave concept, but did not understand a lot.


      It would be great if you could also answer following question:


      1. when should I use master I2C and when a slave I2C?


      2. is it possible to have two I2C each with one accelerometer connected to four pins on PSOC? right now I have one I2C with SCL going in pin 3[5] and SDA going in pin 3[4].


      Thanks you in advance: