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    Simple Beginner's first project (blinking LED)

      I'm using the PSoC 4200 BLE CY8C4247LQ*-BL483 kit to run the Red LED blinking project that's discussed in the first training video "Software Output Pins".


      Here are the steps I did in Creator 4.0:


      1.  Wrote the exact code in main.c


      2.  Connected Pin_Blue, Pin_Green, Pin_Red to P0[1], P0[2], P3[5], respectively (in Trial.cydwr - Trial being project name).


      3.  Unchecked the HW Connection box in all 3 Digital output pins.  The odd part about this was that in the training video, the input arrow is still attached to the box representing the output LED (while the box representing the hardware disappears)...but in mine, both the hardware box and arrow disappear, making me wonder if my LED's are still being treated as output (in TopDesign.cysch).


      4.  Confirmed device was successfully programmed.




      I programmed the BLE Pioneer Baseboard using the PSoC Programmer 3.25.0.


      Everything I have done is "straight out of the textbook".   Furthermore, I verified that my boards were not busted/corrupt by switching out the PSoC 4200 BLE with one that my dad had been using (with code he wrote for a blinking LED about 2 years ago) and it worked fine.  My board does not.




      Aside from programming the board in PP 3.25.0 and setting up Creator correctly, did I miss any preliminary steps?