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    Problems w/ UpgradableStack Bootloader CYBLE-212019

      I've tried building and running both the version described in AN97060 as well as the one described in BLE Upgradable Stack Example Projects. I've been able to configure, compile and download both versions but have been unsuccessful in being able to do an OTA update.  Using CySmart to do the update, it takes quite a while after starting the update to get past the 'Establish Connection' point, then times out at 'Exchange GATT MTU'.  I realize it's probably something I've overlooked, but is there a simple complete example project available somewhere.  Also I'd be interested to know if the CySmart default 'Master Settings' need to be modified.




      -Bill K 

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            I now believe the issue is with the CYBLE-212019-EVAL module.  I copied the two workspaces mentioned in my first post, updated all projects to use the the device in the CY8KIT-143A and reassigned the pins as needed.  Both projects compiled, loaded and operated as expected on a CY8KIT-143A eval board.  I then copied the two new workspaces to a new location and reverted the device and pin assignments to those used by the CYBLE-212019-EVAL module.  Both projects compiled & loaded OK but neither was able to perform an application update.  Same problems as mentioned in my first post.  I did notice the eval board had both jumpers install on J6 effectively shorting base pins 2.7 & 3.5 together and connecting them to pin 3.5 of the processor.  Removing the 3.5 base to 3.5 proocessor jumper had no effect.  I have two CYBLE-212019-EVAL modules.  Both produce the same results.  The module version is 600-20090-01_REV1.0B (possibly -08) on both eval boards.




            Bill K - R O SoftWare


            PS I've attached both (cleaned & trimmed) workspaces.

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              Open a case with support.  They responded with:


              "In the bootloader project as well as the bootloadable project, include the below line under CYBLE_EVT_STACK_ON: CY_SET_XTND_REG32((void CYFAR *)(CYREG_BLE_BLERD_BB_XO_CAPTRIM), 0x0000BCBC);"


              which cleared the problem with both builds.  I assume this is specific to the CYCLE-212019 module.


              For more information, check out 'AN95089 - BLE Crystal Oscillator Selection & Tuning Techniques'.

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                Hi guys! Just to clarify, the issue is not with the CYBLE-212019 module. In fact, the line 


                 CY_SET_XTND_REG32((void CYFAR *)(CYREG_BLE_BLERD_BB_XO_CAPTRIM), 0x0000BCBC);


                needs to be included in all projects that would run on a module. This line is used to configure the ECO captrim values and the value varies from module to module. The value can be obtained from the module datasheet.


                Note: This line needs to be included only with v3.20 and v3.30 of the BLE components. With older versions of the BLE component, this configuration is taken care by the stack.

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