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    Send shortened Local Name in Advertisement and Scan Response Packets



      in my design I initially set the Local Name to a string which is 9 characters long in the configuration GUI (GAP Settings -> General -> Device Name). In my Advertisement packet I want to transmit the name shortened to 5 and in the Scan Response packet shortened to 25 characters.


      When I try to set the "Short name length" of the Local Name in the Scan Response packet in the configuration GUI (GAP Settings -> Scan response packet) to 25 it always jumps back to 9 (because my inital Local Name is 9 characters long).

      I implemented a feature to change the Local Name via a custom service, which works quite well.


      The only problem is, that when I set the name to something longer than 9 characters (longer than the initial name), the Local Name will still be shortened to 9 characters in the Scan Response packet.

      How can I update the Scan Response packet, so the Local Name will always be transmitted with a maximum length of 25 characters?