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    CY3210-PSoCEVal     Can't Complile

      Have a few questions about PSoC Designer.


      I'm just getting started with cypress.


      I have a CY3210-PSoCEVal kit. 




      I'm trying to load a open source program to the chip.




      I have installed that to the demo board and am trying to compile and load the open source project to the chip. 






      I go to tools options compiler and select imagecraft. Problem is after that I go back to the build tab and the Compile button is grayed out. 




      Also I'm using PSoC designer 5.3 per the open source instructions.


      Ive been looking for the step by step guild to compiling and loading to the chip but haven't found it. Can any give me step by step instructions or point me to a video or instructions so I can make this happen?




      Thanks so much!