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    [Re]When using wifi powersave, wiced_wifi_leave() return  WICED_TIMEOUT value




      When I am attempting to use Wi-Fi Power save(wiced_wifi_enable_powersave() and wiced_wifi_disable_powersave), wiced_wifi_leave() function return WICED_TIMEOUT value.


      This is why "wiced_wifi_is_reday_to_transceive(WICED_STA_INTERFACE)" function return WICED_SUCCESS after wiced_network_down.



      This problem is always occurred. Why did it happen?



      I am reporting about this problem at twice and I was waiting your reply during 2 month.


      A quick response will be appreciated.



      Relevant details:



      RTOS : ThreadX


      Net Stack : NetX_Duo


      Processor: STM32F205


      Wi-Fi Chip : BCM43362


      WICED Version : WICED-SDK-2.4.0