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    How can I use MDIO bootloader for application

        I found a printed document in my company, I took a picture and attached it, the name of this document is MDIO bootloader for application, this document is given by my ex-colleague,but he cannot remember where he get it, I searched it in Cypress website, but did not find it, I also check the datasheet of bootloader/bootloadable component, they are seemed different from this document, I also observed that there is a saying like this: This component is a modified version of the standard Cypress bootloader component and all their parameters are inherited. However, the MDIO bootloader component does not allow changing any of them.


       I also very confused with this document Number is 001-XXXXX Rev.**


       I need to implement firmware upgrade with dual-image architecture, so I want this component, Could you kindly help me how to get MDIO bootloader for application? thanks.