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    Sleep/Wakeup versus Stop/Start


      Is the intention of Component_Sleep() and Component_Wake() to be used only when the chip is placed in sleep mode? It might be a stupid question but the datasheets don't make a distinction between Sleep/Wakeup and Stop/Start so I experimented with each set and found that Sleep/Wakeup does not result in the component resuming operation whereas Stop/Start do.


      See the attached code. Currently, Stop/Start are commented out. The datasheet, for example that for WaveDAC8, states that calling Sleep() calls SaveCofig(), which should save the current configuration and then calling Wakeup() should then restore the configuration saved when calling Sleep() beause RestoreConfig() is called.


      When using Stop()/Start() I call WriteCompare() to ensure that the counter is loaded with the count value set at Stop(). The System Reference Manual and the datasheet states that Stop() is called by Sleep() and Start() is called by Wakeup(). However, Sleep()/Wakeup() don't seem to resume operation even when I uncomment WriteCompare(). I must reset the chip.