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    GPIF II Databus assignment

      How do you change which GPIO pins are connected on the Databus in GPIF II.  I have created a custom board based on the EZ-USB FX3 720p Camera Kit. (http://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/ez-usb-fx3-hd-720p-camera-kit) I've used the same connections on my custom camera boards as does the Camera Kit.  (FV, LV, PIXCLK, etc)  In the Camera Kit, the board does not use GPIO0:7 for the Databus, it uses GPIO8 - GPIO15 for D0-D7.  How do you map this in GPIF II, or do you need to do something in the firmware to remap?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          Once you define the interface in the GPIF designer project, the pins will be shown to you in the interface. The data pins will get locked and cannot be changed, however, you have the flexibility to change the GPIO/control pins (The data pins will be GPIO0:7 for 8 bit mode, and cannot be changed. The control pins will have the option to change which you can see using the drop down list after clicking on the pin number). Please see the pin description in the FX3 datasheet which shows the mapping for various GPIF/interface configuration. Do let us know for any further question.

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            I'm still confused, how did the camera kit use GPIO8:15 as the databus?  This is how I did my board, exaclty like the eval kit.  Can you answer that question?





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              I am little confused. I suppose you are talking about FX3 side pin mapping (not the sensor board). We are using GPIO 0-7 here, please find the snapshot of the GPIF project which runs for this setup.  Even on the hardware, we have routed the datapins on these DQ0:7 of FX (which is GPIO 0:7)

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                This has been resolved by support.  If you look at the schematics for the interconnect board between the ex-usb fx board and the Aptina Camera board, whoever laid it out transposed the GPIO0-7 and GPIO8-15 but on the camera board layout everything is connected to the GPIO8-15 which in turn connects to GPIO0-7 on the FX board.  The person that laid out the interconnect board should get a good kick in the butt!!!  This cost us thousands of dollars because they used bad naming on their nets!  I hope that others don't make the same mistake because of this carelessness!!!

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                  Little bit confused. I recommend you to use GPIO 0-7 to connect your GPIO Pins to the GPIF II. If its not work then try to take the screenshot of GPIF Project and send it to the coursework experts they will do detail observation and can draw some conclusion on this issue...