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    How to set the BLE TX power level in code




      I am working with the PRoC 4 system and am trying to set the TX power level in code using the CyBle_SetTxPowerLevel() function and it doesn't seem to be working. For testing I have a Android application that is continually reporting the RSSI level from the connected PRoC system. I can see in the CyBle_eventHandler.c that the TX power level is set to 0dB which matches the settings in my BLE configuration under Connection TX power level. With this setting and with the distance of one meter between the Android device and  the PRoC device I am seeing -38dB RSSI. When I  set 'bleSsPwrLvl.blePwrLevelInDbm = CYBLE_LL_PWR_LVL_NEG_18_DBM' and 'bleSsPwrLvl.bleSsChId = CYBLE_LL_CONN_CH_TYPE' and then call CyBle_SetTxPowerLevel(&bleSsPwrLvl) after my Ble_Init() I see no decrease in RSSI dB on the Android device. Does anyone have any ideas on this issue?