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    BLE communication between Dongle and PSoC

      Hi everyone, 
      I'm working with a CY8CKIT-042BLE. I'm trying to send data from a BNO055 shutle board (I2C connected) to a Dongle. As you can see from the project attached, there are a I2C module for IMU communication and a UART module for BLE transmission. After many attempts, serial communications between Peripheral (EVAL module) and Dongle becomes extremely low, and in some cases doesn't communicate any char value. The systems start slowing down when I start to add components (eg UART_PutString etc..). It is possible to optimize communication in both directions? 
      Once I've created the uint32 values to send via BLE, what is the best command to implement the sending to the Dongle? 
      I've attached both the Kit project and the Dongle one, hope will be helpful. 
      With sincere thanks for your time, 
      kind regards