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    Problem with a GATT Client & Central GAP role

      Hello, I am working with CY8CKIT-042-BLE, it´s the BLE Pioneer Kit. 


      The problem, I have, is to create a Central GAP role, using the USB dongle 56LQXI , I did already a Server GAP Role project  and it works when I used CySmart.


      I read some tutorials about how to initialize the StackEventHandler but when I developed the code


      the connection between the USB dongle and the PRoC BLE Module is not possible, according to my code. However, using the Cysmart the connection is posible.


      Also I´m having problem how to write on my server, I´m using the function  CYBLE_GATTC_WRITE_REQ_T 


      but I dont know how get the attrHandle


      I´ve attached the file with the Peripheral and Central  projects.




      Thanks you for your help


      David Caraveo