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    Problem of programming the device Cy8C4146AZI-S423




      I developed project for CY8C4146AZI-S423 but I cannot write it to flash using SWD programmer Miniprog3, because on the form "Select Debug Target" of PSoC Creator this chip do not shown. If I try to use PSoC Programmer, the same result - fields "Device Family" and "Device" are not accessible. I try to use Bootloader made my project bootable and using SW1 connected to P0[7] and pressed it before powering the device, but "Bootloader Host" of PSoC Creator told me "Unable read data from the target device". My project developed in PSoC Creator 4.0 Update 1 and I am using PSoC Programmer 3.25.0. The previous device I used is CY8C4125AZI-483 and the device successfully programmed via Miniprog3 and Bootloader  with the same project.


      Is there any way to program CY8C4146AZI-S423 device?


      Thanks in advance