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    Upgradable Stack OTA Bootloader



      Currently I am implementing the upgradable Stack Bootloader on my project following your excellent guide AN97060. However I have still a few questions concerning the following section on page 31:


      "For the Upgradable Stack OTA implementation, the bootload mode times out in 40 seconds if the OTA process has not yet started. For the External Memory OTA and Fixed Stack OTA implementation, there is no timeout; the firmware will wait indefinitely in the bootload mode."

      • Is it also possible to use no timeout by upgradable bootloader in order to wait indefinitely in the bootload? If yes, how could I do it?


      • If not, could I at least increase the default 40 seconds timeout? How?



      Very appreciated in advance for your kind support.


      Nuno Alves

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          The example project has a function TimeoutImplementation() using which the timeout is implemented. If there is a valid bootloadable and the PSoC is not bootloading, then after a specified time the code automatically switches to the available image.


          You can modify this function and implement this in your own way.