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    Changing advertisement intervals

      Hello Everyone,


      I am using my Cypress BLE as a broadcaster. Is there any API to change the advertisement intervals in my code? 


      Thank you

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          Hi Dharav,


          You need to update the advertisement intervals only when the device is not broadcasting/advertising. So let's assume you have stopped broadcasting either by using CyBle_ExitDiscoveryMode() or CyBle_GappStopAdvertisement(). Include the below lines for restarting the broadcast with different adv intervals:


                          cyBle_discoveryModeInfo.advTo = (Adv Timeout);
                          cyBle_discoveryModeInfo.advParam->advIntvMin = (Min Adv Interval/0.625);
                          cyBle_discoveryModeInfo.advParam->advIntvMax = (Max Adv Interval/0.625);
                          CyBle_GappStartAdvertisement(CYBLE_ADVERTISING_CUSTOM); //you can also use EnterDiscoveryMode() instead