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    Some questions about Synchronize of two image sensors



          I am debugging the two eyes image sensors connecting to FX3 as the picture shows:http://a3.qpic.cn/psb?/V10Mr0Vp1DXVaf/00T2ln32Z2bIFQopdG2t7Zlrz71yAMUw502zH6yFkdA!/m/dGYBAAAAAAAAnull&bo=gAKkAgAAAAADBwY!&rf=photolist&t=5


      two eyes image sensors hardware environment:
      Platform: FX3_CYUSB3014
      Sensor model: MT9M034, parallel port output 12bit
      Resolution: 1280 * 720-60fps, black and white 8bit
      Interface: take each sensor high 8bit * 2 = 16bit (as a similar YUV format)
      MCLK: external 48MHz crystal at the same time to provide two sensors, PIXCLK configured to 74.25MHZ


      Left and right sensor output signal is not synchronized,all the two sensors' PCLK / FV / LV were tested with the oscilloscope.These signals are different degrees of dislocation (because if they are synchronizated, theoretically two sensors of these signals should overlap), the pictures as follows:


      The FV waveform of two sensors:http://a3.qpic.cn/psb?/V10Mr0Vp1DXVaf/0bl2jfnZiFTDFz0MBRUcnAjAV*gpNGPQPivJy7va*mk!/m/dG4BAAAAAAAAnull&bo=QwP8AQAAAAADB58!&rf=photolist&t=5


      The LV waveform of two sensors:http://a3.qpic.cn/psb?/V10Mr0Vp1DXVaf/Ox6SSaUf8w8e4ff0t5CBPF21qLCPuH.9ZdVt28Uu4zo!/m/dBYAAAAAAAAAnull&bo=SQMJAgAAAAADB2M!&rf=photolist&t=5


      The PIXCLK waveform of two sensors:http://a2.qpic.cn/psb?/V10Mr0Vp1DXVaf/2KwYDHpDQuaL9XndSU*XiRnmJf0hnxKBCLkzFKUbGxo!/m/dCUAAAAAAAAAnull&bo=OQP6AQAAAAADB.M!&rf=photolist&t=5


      In addition,the high 8bit sensor image there are black stripes (fixed appears above and random appears in the horizontal direction, as shown in the picture).I think that datas are lossed.




      Now, i don't know what i should do next. Could you give me some guidance or suggestions ?


      Thank you!


      I use an an external trigger input that can be used to synchronize two video streams.But the pictures show that they are not synchronized.I don't konw why?