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    AN75779 UVC example with GPIF 32bit mode


      I had download AN75779.zip(http://www.cypress.com/file/123501/download) 03/24/2016 


      use fpga to creat data


      the example is 8bit with 30fps works fine then i change to 16bit with 60fps still works fine


      but when i change to 32bit (60fps and 120fps) the problem occur the data didn't transfer thought usb


      follow the pdf i sure isDQ32bit is true both counters is 4091 and SPI is false


      this is the list what i changed:


      X,Y dimension ratio to 5:4


      height to 1024


      fps to 120


      frame size to 2621440 (1280*1024*2)


      which those in VS format descriptor / VS frame descriptor / UVC Probe control settings


      In GPIF setting


      change data bus width to 32bit


      delete sensor_reset pin


      change LD_data_counter/LD_addr_counter to 4091




      So why this problem happen and whats special for 32bit mode?