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    In circuit programming and debug



      I have a fair amount of experience with the PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 as we use both of these in our products.  Our products provide both a pin selectable bootloader and a 10 pin header to allow our customers to update the firmware and allows me to perform in circuit debugging. 


      OK, that said.  What is needed to perform in circuit programming and debugging of a PSoC 1?  We are considering using the PSoC 1 in a new device we are developing.  It is a simple signal generator using a Silicon Labs Si5351 and we need a micro processor to control it.  Why the PSoC 1?  I may be wrong but it appears the PSoC 1 is the only version of PSoC that comes in an 8 pin dip.  The device is a kit the customer builds and the 8 pin dip is very easy for the customer to install.  The particular version of the chip is the CY8C27143.