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    PWM output from 16 port pins

      Hello All,


      I am using CYBL10161 for one of the project, which require to get PWM output on 16 pins but, at a time only one pin will output PWM others will be a logic 0. The PWM output will shift from one port pin to another after a fixed interval.


      I directly connected 16 pins to PWM block output in PSoC Creator schematic. After compiling, only 2 pins are green says "TCPWM.line_out is directly connectable", while other pins are yellow colored says "TCPWM.line_out is reachable through digital routing fabric".


      My question is, can I use above approach for the solution? And if yes, can I just use PRTx_DR register to control OE for pins as given in below link for controlling that only one pin gets PWM output?