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    Technical assistance required for CYBL10162-56LQXI- BLE


      I got this BLE module- http://www.usriot.com/p/ble-modules/  which uses CYBL10162-56LQXI. 

      Currently I am using arduino to communicate with BLE module.
      I am successful in entering AT mode and also changing parameters of BLE.
      However I am unable to pair with my android device (android version-6.0.1).
      While pairing it says "pairing rejected by BLE-USR-100".
      Are there any specific configuration which need to set for BLE?


      I would also like to program BLE such that when the BLE receive a specific character from a user device (server- mobile application), BLE should pull one of the GPIO pins to LOW state. I am newbie to BLE programming. Please guide me from where do I start. Is there any specific example code available?


      Please help.