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    Can't build due to some component over-packing PSOC 4 UDB

      Initially in my project I was following the iOS Build a Robot tutorial which incorporates BLE, Capsense, and PWM components.  I just added an SPI Slave component in order to receive data from a cRIO-based instrument and received an "Unable to pack the design into 4 UDBs" error message.  The project that I'm going to be making incorporates some of the implementation from the iOS tutorial, but I will not be needing the Capsense interaction at all.  However, when I remove that component (and the pin attachments), I still cannot build the project.


      I am very new to this such that I have no idea what particular part of a component is causing the database to over-pack.


      I've attached the project, and don't hold back into going into heavy details about this issue.  Anything I can learn is a plus.


      - Anthony