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    Error to enable notification

      Hello Community, 


      I want to write to my server 0x01 to activate the notifications, but when I send the command i got an error: 




      The strange part is when I try to write again, the code works, Im able to to print out the value from the server on my computer via master UART.


      I attached the file


      thanks David C

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          Can you check at the peripheral side, if the request of enabling the notification is being properly received?





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            Hello Hima, I solved the problem but i have a new one, I need to activate 2 notifications, but the problem is only the first one is activate, I tried to have a  method of each one but I had the same result, only the first method that I call it is which is activated. I wrote code on the second method to be printed via UART and it does, But I do not why the notifications on the server is not activated. 


            The handles are corrected and also the peripheral because if I change the order of the methods, the other work but the second not. Futhermore, I have created two variables of CYBLE_GATTC_WRITE_REQ_T. This example I took it from UART_Central of the 100 projects in 100 days.




            CYBLE_GATTC_WRITE_REQ_T enableNotificationReqParamQuat = {
                                                                    {(uint8 *)enableNotificationParam, 2,2},

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              While sending the enable notification packet, is it being received at the server side at the first place?