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    Restarting DMA


      I'm using the CY8C4247AZI-M485 to generate tones with the IDAC and DMA components.  I can create a custom sequence of tones.  The total duration of my sequence is 125 ms.  I repeat the sequence every second for a "beeping" effect.  I can initiate the beeping with a CAN message and I can stop it with a CAN message.  The problem I'm having is starting it again.  I have a feeling I'm not resetting my DMA channels properly.  What is the proper way to reset the DMAs?

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          I submitted a support case and they got back to me almost right away! I wanted to post the answer on here.

          // Disable the DMA  CyDmaChDisable(channel);  CyDmaFree(channel);


          // Then to restart the DMA...  DMA_ChEnable();