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    I2C_Stop and set scl pin to output while running

      Hello , I would like to stop i2c communication during runtime and use the scl pin to toggle several times to reset a slaves State Machine. It seems that calling the SCL_Stop() function is not enough to get the scl pin back to normal output function. Here is my code: I2C_Stop(); /* Stop I2C */ I2C_scl_SetDriveMode(I2C_scl_DM_STRONG); /*set DriveMode*/ I2C_scl_Write( 1u ); /*set pin output manually*/

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          Hello Jens,


          High-Speed I/O Matrix  (HSIOM)  multiplexes the pin and connects to a particular peripheral selected in HSIOM_PORT_SELx register. Please make use of below code to control SCL pin using firmware.


              regVal = CY_GET_REG32(I2C_scl__0__HSIOM);
              regVal &= ~I2C_scl__0__HSIOM_MASK;


              /* Set Pin as GPIO controlled by firmware */
              regVal = CY_SET_REG32(I2C_scl__0__HSIOM, regVal |(I2C_scl__0__HSIOM_GPIO <<I2C_scl__0__HSIOM_SHIFT)); 


              /* Set Pin drive mode */    


              for(i= 0u; i < 5u; i++)
                  /* Toggle Pin with 100-ms delay */


          Thanks and Regards,


          Geona Mary