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    ISO OUT is dropping packets (device is not receiving producer DMA events as expected)

      Using the source-sink isochronous image I came across the following problem:




      Host sends X bursts (each burst contains 16 packets, packet size = 1024 bytes, mult =1 ), and then queries the cypress fx3 regarding the amount of glDmaPktsReceived (counter of DMA events that is increased when CyFxIsoSrcSinkDmaCallback being called with producer CY_U3P_DMA_CB_PROD_EVENT that occurrs either when the buffer is full or short packet was recieved).




      glDmaPktsReceived < Total Number of bursts that were sent from the host (verified in sniffer that everything was transmitted). 


      NOTE:  working with short packet solves this, for example size of 1023 bytes, test is completed successfully glDmaPktsReceived = Total Bursts sent from the host.


      Configuration is:


      burst size = 16KB, mult = 1, bInterval=5 (any value between 1..5 has the same issue)


      Any ideas? are there any known limitation for FX3 ISO that I should be aware on when working with this device?