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    PWM Stop Output Condition

      I'm working with the CY8CKIT-059 5LP Prototyping Kit. I added a PWM in FF mode to my project and connect the output to the onboard Blue LED on P2.1. The PWM controls the LED as expected but when I'm done running the PWM I issue a PWM_Stop() followed by a LED_B_Write(0) (which LED_B is defined and connected to P2.1).


      I would expect that after those 2 commands the LED would be OFF but it is ON. 


      I'm not attaching my project as I thought this would be a general question with perhaps  something else I need to do to fully disconnect the PWM from the Blue LED. Reading the datasheet of the PWM it reads as though the stop state would be to have PWM at a 0 but perhaps I'm missing something.