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    Reset CY7C65215 with CyUSBLib under Linux


      In documentation it is written that calling CyResetDevice will re-enumeerate.


      Under Linux we do not see this behavior: the call returns CY_SUCCESS but the device stays and is accessible via same handles.


      Also info about newly enumerated device does not appear in system logs.


      Can anyone please elaborate on what exactly the CyResetDevice is for, and the differences (if any) of its effect under linux and windows.


      This comes from our task to write a portable software which must function same under different OS.


       Thanks in advance!

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          As you know, the CyResetDevice will cause re-enumeration of the device. To see that what you can do is:


          1. In one terminal enter:


              tail -f /var/log/syslog


          2. In another terminal run an application which opens the device. After opening the device, pass the handle to CyResetDevice API.


          By doing that in the other terminal you can see the device being disconnected and getting connected again.


          Let me know for further questions.