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    Spartan FPGA examples source code




      I'm implementing a GPIF interface between the FX3 and a Xilinx FPGA. I see there are various bit streams to load into the Spartan 6 eval board to demonstrate various types of USB 3 streams/connections, but I cannot find the FPGA source files for those Spartan bitstreams. Are these available as examples of implementing an FPGA -> FX3 interface ? If so can anyone point me at them ?





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          I suppose you have downloaded AN65974 firmware. Please check the FPGA firmware for Xilinx. You will see there is only one bit-"slavefifo2b_fpga_top.bit" file. The source is also available in the same folder: AN65974\FPGA Source files\fx3_slaveFIFO2b_xilinx\fpga_slavefifo2b_verilog


          The various test modes are selected based on the Sw8 pin configuration on the Spartan board. Please see the AN65974 application note Figure 28., and table 6

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            Hi Nishant,


            I'm not sure why I didn't see those files, but thanks for the pointer. They are what I was looking for.