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    Porting Assembler to C


      Hi everyone


      I want to port some working code already programmed in assembler .
      This is an exercise with the goal to learn C and to port this to newer chips like PSOC 4
      What should be the steps to take in consideration? 


      Thanks in advance



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          Usually you do this a bit different: Using the functional description of what the asm-code has to perform begin to program that without looking at the asm. Can be something difficult when still learning C language.





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            Hi Bob


            Thanks a lot for your response and allow me to apologize for the delay.


            It´s clear  I´m not asking the right question so I´ll try to clarify what I need.


            Basically what i need first is how  to make  a FIFO buffer in C.


            Soon I´ll be posting some examples.