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    How to get the statue of GPIF port

      Hi, I want to get the statue (high or low) of a GPIF port, what is the API function? Dose CyU3PGpioGetValue() function work? What is the difference between GPIF and GPIO?

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          Once you configure the pins in the GPIF designer project you cannot directly use the same pin in your firmware. We suggest you that you Interrupt the FX3 CPU through the GPIF state. In the firmware you can check which state generated the interrupt and accordingly take action.


          If this does not satisfy your requirements, please let us know what functionality you want to implement and what problem you face when you consider the above method

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            Thanks for your reply. I think your suggestion may couldn't satisfy my requirements. I use Cyusb3014 as a master connecting to a Nandflash, and I put a pin from the Nandflash which shows whether Nandflash is ready or busy connect to Cyusb3014's GPIF port. In GPIF II software, I have used the status of the pin as a condition to convert machine state from one to another. Besides, in the firmware, in some situation, I still want to get the status of the pin as a judge to decide whether the thread goes on. Therefore, I don't want to Interrupt the FX3 CPU everytime when the pin become high(indicating Nandflash is ready), and the GPIF II's machine state is not the moment I want to know status of the pin. 





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              If you have a GPIO available, can you route the same signal to GPIF and one GPIO? In this case you can directly see the status of the GPIO independent of the GPIF states.

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                I have thought of the same idea these two days, but wondering Whether it is right to do that. Your suggestion confirms my thought, thank you!