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    FX3 and USB Audio Class 3.0?

      Has anyone successfully made FX3 to be compatible with USB Audio Class 3.0?


      I can't determine how to set high-capability descriptors, a type introduced by the standard.


      My descriptors.c file is included as an attachment, with the High-Capability "Cluster" descriptor sitting awkwardly in SS_CONFIG.

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          We do not have any working example with Audio class 3.0. However, it can be implemented by using the guideline mentioned in the USB Audio Class 3.0 spec (please refer to Audio30.pdf in the Device class specification for UAC3.0)


          This specification defines a new type of class-specific descriptors, called High Capability descriptors. A High Capability descriptor is not retrieved from the Audio Function during enumeration time. Rather, it can only be retrieved using the Get High Capability Descriptor request as defined in Section, “High Capability Descriptor Request”. The device should send these descriptor only when the host asks for them through class specific request. Please check and let us know if you face any problem