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    Problems with bulkloop sample

      Hi, I would like to see if the CY7C68013A fits my needs. I started with "AN65209 - Getting Started with FX2LP™". According to AN65209 I can build the bulkloop sample with the free evaluation version of the Keil uVision2. But according to the readme file in the actual bulkloop sample I need the full version of the Keil uVision2. Do I understand this correctly that I need to buy a $2000 software package to evaluate the CY7C68013A with the bulkloop sample?


      The precompiled hex file of the bulkloop sample is 9207 bytes.


      In the AN65209 is written: "The Cypress FX2LP DVK includes a free demonstration version of the Keil uVision2 tools for the 8051. This IDE is fully featured, but limited in code size to 4096 bytes. Cypress demo projects, such as bulkloop.uv2, fit under this limit so you can study and modify the code. "


      In the "FX2LP Bulkloop Firmware /readme.txt" is written: "Building this example requires the full version of the Keil Tools."


      The "FX2LP Bulkloop Firmware /readme.txt" is downloaded from: cypress_com/file/44951/download


      Best regards, Klaus Roesch