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    Not able to detect the device....



      I have a BLE Pioneer kit and used EZ-BLE PRoC Modules (with CYBLE-012011-00). Configure the Bluetooth, wrote the basic code and enabled for advertisement. With this, I can see my device in phone (using CYSMART application). This gave us the confidence that this can be used for our customer design and got the CYBLE-012012-10 module (basically same part but uncertified), and connected only VDD, VDDR (Radio), Gnd, XRES, P0_7 and P0_6 wires from the module. Used these connection to program from the Pioneer kit and able to program. After this when I power on (giving power to VDD, VDDR and ground to GND pin of  CYBLE-012012-10 module) with other pins left open - I see it is detected only my phone (with Cysmart app). No matter what I do, it is not seen in any other phone. I used many other google play store apps to sniff the BTLE device and none of them seems to be recognizing this CYBLE-012012-10 module.


      Problem seems weird and not sure, what I am missing. Can you please help me in isolating the problem? Do I need to put other pins of the module into some specific state?


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