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    Configuring PSOC 4 DTM/HCI example for high speed UART.




      The DTM/HCI example works fine for speeds up to 115200 baud.


      However for higher speeds the systems fails due to improper clock setup.


      How to setup the clock for e.g. 460800 baud?


      At 24Mhz and divider 3 i get: 8Mhz which is a bit from the optimal 7.373 which will give bit errors once in a while (and it does).


      Changing the IMO to 30Mhz gives a nicer 7,5Mhz.... but then it stops working all together. Not sure why. Should work better, but the entire system seems to stop working.


      It is a bit unfortunate that the DTM does not work out-of-the-box with anything above 115200. At 115200 it is a bit hard to use the "data packet length extension" for anything as that would require much higher bandwidth at full speed.


      How do i resolve this, so i can run faster on the UART in the DTM/HCI example? Is this a bug and/or missing feature?