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    Problem of FX3 Control Center transfer data out


      Dear all,


      I follow the "Designing with the EZ-USB®FX3™Slave FIFO Interface" datasheet to build my project which PC directly send the pattern data to the projector through FX3 without FPGA. And I have some questions below: ,


      Q1:How to transfer picture data from PC through FX3 UART to projector device? For example [400, 400] data array with "0" or "1"


      Q2:In Control Center, enter some hex to transfer data out to the consumer socket. Where can the outer device to get these data? In short, all I want to do is to use these data to D0~D15(GPIO[0]~GPIO[15]), how to do that?


      Please give me some advice, thanks 


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          Hello jf6405,


          Q1. Please go through the USBUART example firmware (default path - C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\firmware\serialif_examples\cyfxusbuart), here you can send whatever the information (characters) you want to send to UART from Hyperterm or teraterm app. It doesn't know whether it is picture data or something else. It will just put it on UART Bus.


          Q2. Let me know whether you want to use FX3 as a slave or Master here. if it is slave, there should be someone (FPGA/ external processor) to drive the address lines and control signals accordingly. This is explained in AN65794. Please go through the App Note for more details.

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            Hello srdr,


            I want to use FX3 as a Master here. All I want to do is have data being transferred from the USB port(master) to the GPIF and that data then sent out on the data bus. 

            PC -> FX3 OUT endpoint -> External Device


            I have already create a DMA channel between USB producer socket and PPORT consumer socket. Follow AN65794, Create a DMA MANUAL channel for U2P transfer and have a DMAcallback function. After load img to RAM and transfer data out, DB[0]-DB[15] didn't change.


            Just like the other forum problem below:




            Where will the Hex data I transfer out in control center be saved? And how to put the data in DB[0]-DB[15]?